This TV Series Showcases Dallas And A Black Ensemble Cast

Sounds of Texas.

By Laura RiceSeptember 2, 2020 12:30 pm,

“A lot of times, us Texans, we get painted with, you know, the horses and cows picture, which is true. You know, we love our cowboys and we love riding horses. But Dallas is also a big metropolis and it has a beautiful skyline. And it was very intentional to show the city like New York, like L.A., like Chicago, like you see in these bigger shows. Let’s show Dallas in that aspect.”

“We want to have diversity on screen as far as representation of different races. But also, what about life experiences in the type of people you come in contact with?”

“You’re feeling washed up and you’re still clinging on to that youthful part of yourself… And you might still party, but it’s gonna be a day party or a Sunday brunch and you might still go drinking with your friends but the hangover recovery is going to last a little longer. You know, you still have your youth about you, but you’re mature and you kind of know you have to make difficult decisions about life.”

“And the funny thing is, we wrote this two years ago, right? We didn’t write this in the middle of a pandemic or during the Black Lives Matter movement. But this stuff has been going on.”

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