Three Years After 177 Bikers Were Charged In A Waco Shootout, Many Cases Have Been Dismissed

There are still 98 cases remaining, and only one has gone to trial.

By Rhonda FanningMay 7, 2018 12:09 pm

Three years ago this month, a biker shootout at a strip mall restaurant in Waco ended in nine deaths and 18 injuries. With 239 bikers detained and 177 formally charged, it was one of the largest mass arrests in a single incident in U.S. criminal history.

Years later, cases are still being dismissed. Will Burney from KWBU in Waco says there haven’t been any convictions so far.

“The only case that’s gone to trial,” he says, “has been the trial of Jacob Carrizal, which was late last year, and that ended in a hung jury.”

Burney says 15 cases were dismissed late last Thursday, then 13 the following day.

“That leaves a total of about 98 cases still remaining,” he says. “They’re starting to set trials.”

The retrial of Jacob Carrizal is slated for September, Burney says.

Written by Jen Rice.