Tim Duncan’s Fashion is So Bad, It’s Good

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By Becky FogelJuly 12, 2016 1:51 pm

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News of San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan’s retirement reverberated across the web when it was announced Monday. There were outpourings of respect, adoration and genuine sadness.

But among the sweet send-offs to the future hall-of-famer, there was also some good-natured ribbing. A lot of it centered on one thing: his fashion sense, or lack thereof. Cam Wolf, Style News Editor for Complex Magazine, says Duncan typically “looks like he got dressed in the dark and that he’s happy with it.” And that, he says, is part of his charm.

Wolf wrote an article yesterday called “The Internet Honors Tim Duncan by Remembering His Most Swagless Moments.” He compiled a series of tweets that tease Duncan for the pajama-like attire he wore to the White House and speculate about whether he buys his clothes in bulk at Costco. Wolf says that Tim Duncan’s fashion is part of why he’s an icon of the “old NBA.”

Jabari Young agrees. He covers the Spurs for the San Antonio Express-News and he thinks Duncan’s style makes sense when you put it into context.

“He comes from a different era back when baggy clothes were in,” he says. “I wore baggy clothes myself.”

The verdict? Duncan’s fashion sense is so bad, it’s good – and it’s something lots of fans will be nostalgic for.

The San Antonio Express-News also compiled 25 satirical headlines from The Onion, all about Tim Duncan. Yesterday’s was a gem. It reads: “Tim Duncan: An NBA Legend Rides Into The Sunset At A Safe And Prudent Speed.”