To Celebrate His 78th Birthday, One Austin News Editor Biked A Mile For Each Year

He’s been riding a bicycle his whole life.

By Joy DiazDecember 22, 2017 7:53 am,

Ken Martin – the editor, publisher, and founder of – named his news website in the spirit of the Marine Corps’ bulldog mascot.

“The kind of journalism I’m interested in is tenacity, perseverance, you bite into something, you just hang on to it until you get the job done,” he says.

Martin has been biking all his life, and he says it gives him time to explore Austin from a different perspective.

“I grew up in Dallas, Texas, and I was a Western Union telegraph boy delivering telegrams on a bicycle in downtown Dallas during my high school years. Before that, I had a paper route where I used a bicycle,” Martin says. “So I sort of grew up riding bikes.”

On December 23, he’ll turn 78. That’s why, he says, “I just completed a 78.2 mile ride as a fundraiser and to celebrate the coming birthday.”

His biggest goal? He’s planning to ride 100 miles on his 100th birthday.


Written by Jen Rice.