To Play Or Not To Play?

In the latest episode from the KUT/KUTX podcast “Pause/Play,” Austin musicians weigh the pros and cons of getting back onstage.

By Miles Bloxson & Elizabeth McQueen, KUT/KUTX StudiosMay 25, 2021 11:50 am, , , ,


Tameca Jones, in Central Austin, on May 7. Michael Minasi/KUTX

In the latest episode of Pause/Play we tackle the question: “To play, or not to play?” We asked 15 Austin musicians the same questions: Have you performed during the pandemic? Are you ready to perform now? What would it take to make you feel comfortable performing the way you used to, before the pandemic?

Their answers provide insight into what it’s been like to be a musician during COVID-19, and what kind of decisions artists are faced with now that more people are getting vaccinated and restrictions are loosening.

In this episode, you’ll hear from:

Topaz McGarrigle, of Golden Dawn Arkestra at his home in East Austin on May 4. Michael Minasi/KUTX

Tameca Jones
Chinasa Broxton from Tribe Mafia
Daisy O’connor
Topaz McGarrigle from Golden Dawn Arkestra
Yin & Yang
Gina Chavez
Corey Baum from Croy and the Boys
Megz Kelli and Dougie Do from Magna Carda
Sara Houser
Chris Conde
Daniel Fears

Listen to the full episode in the audio player above.


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