Texas Standard For August 28, 2020

On the day after Hurricane Laura’s assault on the northern Gulf Coast of Texas, what’s the view from local hospitals already dealing with a pandemic? We’ll have more on the aftermath of the storm. And: It’s a wrap for the Republicans as they close their four-day convention. We’ll explore whether the message moved the needle in what many consider to be a more politically competitive Texas. Also: Concerns about a looming eviction crisis – we’ll have details. Plus: Border smuggling and the demand for bologna, the week that was in Texas politics and much more today on the Texas Standard:

By Texas StandardAugust 28, 2020 9:17 am

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A Recap Of The RNC

For the past two weeks, the national Democratic and Republican parties have been trying to make their case to  the American people as we head into the last throes of this presidential election season. Mark Jones, a political science professor from Rice University, talks to the Standard about the Republican National Convention.

The Looming Eviction Crisis

In July, a federal eviction moratorium expired. It didn’t cover every rental unit – it didn’t even cover most – but it prevented some landlords from evicting tenants as the economy collapsed. As a part of KERA’s One Crisis Away series looking at coronavirus and life on the financial edge, Christopher Connelly explains why housing experts are warning a wave of evictions is imminent.

Mexican Bologna Smuggling

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers continue to seize large loads of drugs on the Texas-Mexico border. Smuggling persists during the pandemic. But the contraband also includes a popular food item: Mexican bologna. KTEP’s Angela Kocherga reports there’s a craving for bologna from Mexico on both sides of the border.

How Hospitals Prepare For Natural Disasters During A Pandemic                                   

Hurricane Laura was the first major Category 4 Hurricane to make landfall along the Texas coast since the beginning of the pandemic. So how did emergency medical teams and hospitals prepare for a natural disaster while trying to maintain safety precautions related to COVID-19? Ryan Miller, chief operating officer for Christus Southeast Hospital in Beaumont, talks to the Standard.

Contact Tracing In Texas 

In Texas, there’s a lot of confusion about which COVID-19 test to use, and contact tracers are bombarded by more confirmed cases than they are equipped to handle. Austin-based writer Alexandra Villareal joins the Standard to discuss her story in The Guardian on Texas’ problems with contract tracing.

Wood & Wire’s New Album

Wood & Wire is a “bluegrass-ish” band based in Central Texas. Their last record was nominated for a Grammy and their latest record is out today. Singer and lead guitarist Tony Kamel tells Texas Standard that the album includes tributes to El Paso and Houston.

Changes At McMurry University In The Wake Of George Floyd

The racial reckoning since George Floyd’s killing by police has made many institutions, individuals, businesses and local governments take a hard look at how they do things. Statues honoring Confederate figures have been removed; products, like Aunt Jemima, rebranded. We’re also seeing changes at institutions of higher education. McMurry University, a small private school in Abilene, is one such place. KACU’s Dana Glover has its story.

The Week In Texas Politics

Each Friday we explore the week that was in Texas politics with The Texas Tribune. With us today is Patrick Svitek, political reporter for the Tribune. He discusses Gov. Greg Abbott’s tour of Hurricane Laura damage, the RNC and Trump’s upcoming visit to Laura damage.

All this and Texas News Roundup, plus Social Media Editor Wells Dunbar with the talk of Texas.

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