Texas Standard for December 3, 2021

The Trump-era policy for asylum-seekers to resume after talks between the Biden administration and officials in Mexico. The so-called Remain in Mexico program is coming back, despite promises of change – we’ll hear why. And: The push to preserve the history of a formally segregated school in West Texas. Also: El Paso’s ban on planting Mulberry trees: now that the existing ones are dying off, what will take their place? Plus: The Week in Texas politics with The Texas Tribune. And: Remembering the Texan who’s getting tons of attention right now for his role in keeping the Fab Four together. All that and more today on the Texas Standard:

By Texas StandardDecember 3, 2021 9:34 am,

Remain in Mexico policy

The Biden administration is restarting a Trump-era program requiring asylum seekers crossing the U.S.-Mexico border to remain in Mexico while they await their claims to be processed. President Biden ended the program shortly after he took office, but Texas and Missouri challenged the move and eventually a federal court sided with the states. Angela Kocherga, news director for KTEP in El Paso, joins us with the latest.

Marfa school national park site

Mexican American students in Texas were not legally segregated for schooling as Black students were, but segregation occurred nonetheless in many communities. The Blackwell School served the Marfa area’s majority Hispanic population until 1965. Daniel Hernandez has been helping to lead the push towards National Historic Site designation, and joins today with more.

Arlington drilling vote

In June 2020, the owner of a small daycare stood up to a large oil drilling company that sought to drill behind his business. Ultimately the Arlington City Council voted to deny the request. But this week, the City of Arlington voted again on the proposal to drill – and it was approved, 5 to 4. What changed? For more we’re joined by Elizabeth Shogren, who has been following this story for Reveal.

‘Elf’ musical in San Antonio

In San Antonio, a hugely popular holiday movie gets the live-on-stage makeover. Texas Public Radio’s Jack Morgan has a preview of the Woodlawn Theatre’s “Elf: The Musical.”

El Paso tree ban

For generations, El Pasoans have gathered under the branches of mulberry trees. But those days in the shade may be nearing an end. In 1992, El Paso banned the planting of new mulberry trees, citing the amount of allergy-producing pollen the trees release. What can we learn from this experiment in unnatural selection? Danielle Prokop is an environmental and climate change reporter with El Paso Matters and joins us today.

Billy Preston

“Fifth Beatle” is a term that’s been thrown around some over the past decades, often when referring to a manager or a producer working with the Fab Four. But as shown in the new Beatles documentary “Get Back,” keyboardist Billy Preston was the fifth member the band needed that final month in 1969. Preston was a native Texan, born in Houston before moving to L.A. while still a kid. For more on who Preston was and what he accomplished we turn to Rick McNulty, music director for our sister station KUTX in Austin.

Typewriter Rodeo: Soup Season

We always end the week with a poem from the Typewriter Rodeo. Listeners can submit requests anytime by reaching out!

Week in Texas politics

Joining us for a look back at the week in Texas politics, our Friday regular: James Barragán, political reporter for the Texas Tribune.

All this plus the Texas News Roundup, and Social Media Editor Wells Dunbar with the Talk of Texas.

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