Texas Standard For November 10, 2020

He’s a major political figure who has yet to publicly recognize Joe Biden’s victory in the general election. But he’s not a republican holdout, either. Texas Democrats upset that the president of Mexico, a country often seen as maligned by President Trump, is reluctant to accept the outcome of the U.S. general elections – we’ll explore why not. And: It’s, again, the season for the Texas Legislature: packages calling for voting reform and more land at the Capitol in the run-up to the next session. Also: NASA says no to a company in Midland with big plans for space. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

By Texas StandardNovember 10, 2020 9:28 am

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Mexico’s AMLO And President-Elect Biden

Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden have poured in from world leaders. Except from the United States’ neighbor to the south, Mexico. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador told reporters on Saturday that he wants to hold off until the electoral process is finished. Tony Payan, director of the Center for the United States and Mexico at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, talks to the Standard about the tone for U.S-Mexico relations going forward.

Texas Legislature Bill Filing

This week kicked off the beginning of bill filing for the upcoming Texas legislative session, which begins in January. Bills involving policing, abortion restrictions and further loosening marijuana restrictions have already been filed. And legislation on voting issues regarding mail-in ballots and voter registration are also top of mind of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Texas Tribune reporter Cassandra Pollock, who covers state politics, talks to the Standard.

Biden And Refugee Admissions

President-elect Joe Biden has already said he plans to reverse many of President Donald Trump’s policies. KERA’s Stella Chavez reports one of those pertains to immigration and the number of refugees allowed into the country.

NASA’s Satellite Controversy

A Midland-based company has a plan to launch more than 200 large satellites into low-Earth orbit. But NASA has a problem with that. When AST & Science asked the Federal Communications Commission for permission to sell Internet access for mobile phones via the satellites, the space agency – in a rare move – stepped in to object. Eric Berger, senior space editor for Ars Technica talks to the Standard.

Narratives About Latino Voter Turnout

The real victory in parts of Texas was voter turnout – historically large some places, but especially within Texas’ Latino and Hispanic communities. So how did this turnout turn out for Texas, and how are we talking about it? We’ll talk to Antonio Arellano, interim executive director of Jolt Action, a progressive civic engagement organization focusing on Latino voters.

Fort Worth Murals Build Community During Pandemic

When people leave their homes these days, they may find artists have put up some big new paintings all over town. KERA’s Miguel Perez reports that working artists in Fort Worth are turning to murals as a way to keep building community during the pandemic.

Commentary: Ruth Pennebaker: ‘Pandemic Workout’

Austin-based writer Ruth Pennebaker muses about her new work-from-home workout weights: hefty tomes on history.

The Big ‘Flop’

Texas Democrats had high hopes of flipping enough seats in the Texas House this year to win the majority in the chamber. But that didn’t happen. For the most part, those Republican incumbents will keep their Texas House seats. KUT Austin’s Ashley Lopez reports on why the Democrats’ hopes for a flip were a big flop.

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