Texas Standard For December 1, 2020

A downturn in travel. Layoffs in the energy industry, struggling small businesses, what’s it all add up to? Comptroller Glenn Hegar delivers some grim news about the Texas budget to lawmakers. But there’s a bit of a surprise, too: the news is not as bad as some feared. We’ll talk with him. And: The after-effects of COVID-19: could they linger even after the pandemic has passed? What’s known and isn’t about longer term health effects. Also: Decades after they took off from Texas bases during World War II, the women with silver wings get overdue recognition. Their story and much more today on the Texas Standard:

By Texas StandardDecember 1, 2020 9:42 am

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State of the Texas Economy

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the nation’s economy hard. And Texas is no different. Oil prices are down because no one is traveling. The hospitality industry – hotels, bars and restaurants – are in freefall because more people are staying in their homes to keep infections down. There’s one bright spot. Sales tax revenue is up. Turns out that we may be staying in our homes but we haven’t stopped shopping. Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar talks to the Standard about his update to the Legislative Budget Board this week.

COVID After-Effects

In Houston, there’s a clinic for people who “used” to have COVID-19. It was needed because some people still have symptoms months after their initial infection. Houston Public Media’s Sara Willa Ernst explains how the health impacts of COVID-19 may linger after the pandemic is over.

Sunset Commission Law Enforcement Report

A scathing state government report says the agency which certifies police officers in Texas isn’t doing a great job. The report released on Monday by the Texas legislature’s Sunset Advisory Committee states the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement has failed to adequately train officers and keep bad officers out of the law enforcement job pipeline. Houston Chronicle reporter St. John Barned-Smith talks to the Standard about the report.

Puga Farmworker Rights Advocate’s Death

A longtime advocate for farmworkers’ rights died over the weekend in South Texas. The 92-year-old Genoveva Puga, was forced to go to court to receive compensation for her son’s 1977 death from equipment malfunction while working for the Donna Fruit Company. Her advocacy paved the way for farmworkers to qualify for worker’s compensation.

Women with Silver Wings

For more than 25 years, Katherine Sharp Landdeck has followed the story of the women pilots of World War II. Landdeck, a pilot and a history professor at Texas Women’s University in Denton, recently released a book with the personal stories of “The Women With Silver Wings.” Landdeck talks to the Standard.

Pandemic Fatigue

COVID-19 cases are spiking across North Texas. Health officials say much of the increase is linked to small gatherings, as people get tired of social distancing. But as KERA’s Syeda Hasan reports, safety measures are especially important in the face of “pandemic fatigue.”

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