Texas Standard for Dec. 1, 2022: Here’s how you can help discover new galaxies

There’s so much anticipated change to our map of the universe, due to newly discovered distant galaxies, that scientists can’t do it alone. Enlisting amateur astronomers is the goal of the UT-Austin “Dark Energy Explorers” program.

By Texas StandardDecember 1, 2022 9:39 am,

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Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick prioritizes property tax relief, electric grid fixes and border security for 2023 legislative session

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, arguably the most powerful figure in state Legislature, announced his top priorities on Wednesday, citing an “extraordinary opportunity” to shape the future of the state next session. Joining us to unpack the lieutenant governor’s list of priorities is Patrick Svitek, primary political correspondent for The Texas Tribune.

El Paso DA skips hearing at risk of arrest; former prosecutor pleads 5th in botched mass shooting case

Extraordinary developments continue in the saga of dysfunction enveloping the El Paso District Attorney’s office. Charged with bringing an accused mass murderer to justice, instead, El Paso DA Yvonne Rosales is resigning – and after skipping a court hearing Wednesday, could possibly face arrest. El Paso Matters reporter Molly Smith has the latest.

3-D TV could finally be ready for prime time

3-D television was hailed as the next big thing about a decade back, before vanishing as quickly as it appeared. Now, a new market research report says 3-D could be on its way back, driven by interest in live sports and video game play. Our tech expert Omar Gallaga has more.

San Antonio’s Classic Theatre tackles a holiday favorite with a lone voice and a new setting

The Charles Dickens story “A Christmas Carol” is one of the holiday’s longest-enduring traditions. But a San Antonio production of it promises some heavy departures from the original. Texas Public Radio’s Jack Morgan explains.

Here’s how you can help discover new galaxies

Our map of the universe is changing, due to newly discovered distant galaxies. In fact, there’s so much anticipated change to our map of the universe that scientists can’t do it alone. Enlisting amateur astronomers is the goal of the UT-Austin “Dark Energy Explorers” program. Astronomy professor Karl Gebhardt sheds some light on the project.

Meet the Indianmeal moth

Our resident insect expert Wizzie Brown shares her insight about this common household pest. Something bugging you? Reach out with your own insect questions.

For disabled children of military parents, frequent moves can lead to schooling and health care gaps

When military members move bases, their children also move schools. And for kids with disabilities, it can sometimes take a while for the new school to begin providing special education services. The U.S. Department of Education is asking local school systems to fix this. From San Antonio, Carson Frame reports for the American Homefront Project.

How oil and gas interests are disguising their opposition to offshore wind farming

The United States is one of the world’s leaders in wind power, but when it comes to offshore wind, the U.S. lags. Now there’s a further effort to derail it – and it’s based here in Texas. Emily Atkin, editor-in-chief of the climate change newsletter Heated, describes how oil and gas-funded interests are “woke-washing” opposition to offshore wind.

All this, plus the Texas Newsroom’s state roundup and Wells Dunbar with the Talk of Texas.

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