Top Tech Predictions for 2016

Let’s gaze into the crystal ball of the tech world – what will 2016 have in store?

By Alain StephensDecember 31, 2015 10:36 am,

If one would have pictured 2016 about 50 years ago, many people probably would have imagined we’d have flying cars and robot servants by now. Yet, the coming year still looks promising for tech heads.

Omar Gallaga, the Austin American-Statesman’s digital savant says he reflects on technology’s remarkable ability in order to avoid being “too jaded.”

“I think we’re surrounded by so much amazing stuff that we forget how amazing that stuff is, cause we’re so used to it now,” he says. “Just having ever-present internet access in our lives.”

Here is Gallaga’s list of the top tech predictions for 2016:

– A “mini-bust” for Internet-connected devices

– Exclusive content for Netflix continues to grow

– Apple Music explores other entertainment options