Transgender Texans Face Barriers To Updating Birth Certificates

“Bathroom bill” debate spotlights the difficult process of changing recorded sex.

By Rachel Osier LindleyAugust 1, 2017 11:04 am,

High school student Jason Foster wants to change his birth certificate, but he hasn’t been able to. Doing so would make it possible for him to use the boy’s bathroom at school.

The Leander Independent School District requires students to use bathrooms based on their birth certificates. Foster is transgender, which means he has to go to the girl’s restroom or use a gender neutral restroom across campus.

Alexa Ura, a reporter for the Texas Tribune, says the bathroom bill debate is shining a spotlight on the difficulty of changing a birth certificate in Texas.

She explains the various legal and financial barriers transgender students like Foster face when attempting to update their birth certificates.


Written by Rachel Rascoe.