Trying To Make Good After A Bad Software Update

Microsoft released an update to Windows 10 this week, in an attempt to fix bugs that were “bricking” users’ computers. But flawed updates aren’t unique to Windows.

By Shelly BrisbinNovember 15, 2018 11:51 am

On Tuesday, Microsoft released an update to Windows 10. With software companies shipping feature-fixes and security patches almost weekly, it might not be clear to everyone why this matters. But our tech expert, Omar Gallaga, says this week’s update actually fixes a big problem for Microsoft, and comes more than a month after another update caused lots of trouble for Windows users.

“Microsoft is kind of in the position of now having to explain how it does its testing for these software updates because this is the second or third time they’ve had these major issues with Windows 10,” Gallaga says.

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– How bad software updates happen, and how they affect users

– How Windows 10 users can find out if they’ve been affected, and if they’re going to receive the most recent update

Written by Caroline Covington.