Typewriter Rodeo: The Texas Power Grid

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By Sean PetrieMay 13, 2022 10:45 am, ,

In February of 2021, the Texas power grid was within minutes of total failure because of high demand in response to unusually cold weather. Most Texans went without power for some period of time – many suffered in the dark and cold for days. Some also lost access to water. Hundreds died. The following winter did not provide a true test of the grid infrastructure – but a very hot summer could. Texas Standard listener Katy Manck requested this poem.

The Texas Power Grid

Remember back
In the February storms?
All we wanted
Was just to keep warm

But last year the ice
Froze all the lines
Shut down the gas
All was NOT fine

And now with summer
Fast approaching
The grid, we hope,
Won’t need reproaching

With the temperatures rising
Put some ice in that cup
And hope the a/c
Can keep up

Hope the statewide system
Won’t break down
Hope there will still be power
In your town

And if it doesn’t?
If the grid again, goes bust?
You can count on the government
To say, “Wasn’t us!”

Photo of the typewritten poem on a torn half-sheet of paper.

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