U-Turn: Why Uber Needs To Change Direction To Survive

It’s still the biggest name in the ride hailing business, but Uber faces many challenges, including a leadership brain drain, multiple sexual harassment complaints, and a reputation for an extremely aggressive corporate culture.

By Alain StephensMarch 23, 2017 2:54 pm,

San Francisco-based ride hailing app, Uber, has been grabbing headlines since its debut in 2009. At first people marveled at Uber’s rapid growth and how well its leaders scaled the company’s offerings. Then, expansion into food delivery, utilizing self-driving car technology and even offering helicopter rides nabbed attention. And now, for a variety of reasons, publicity for Uber has taken a much darker turn.

Omar Gallaga, with 512 tech by the Austin American-Statesman says that Uber’s current financial struggles are the result of wide-ranging mismanagement.

“They are having a lot of problems and at the center of it is company culture and sexual harassment,” Gallaga says.

Gallaga says that while Uber is a $60 billion company on paper, it is losing more money than it makes every year.

What you’ll hear in this segment

– How leaders at Uber have responded to a rising number of sexual harassment claims
– The progress being made on Uber’s other ventures like food delivery and self-driving cars
– The likelihood Uber will rebound successfully