UT President Powers Responds to Accusations of Admissions Tampering

Third party report finds lack of transparency during their investigation.

By Alain StephensFebruary 12, 2015 7:29 pm

University of Texas President Bill Powers has been the focal point of an investigation into admissions tampering. The 104-page report detailing the investigations states both Powers and his chief of staff, Nancy Brazzil, misled the inquiry by failing to “speak with candor and forthrightness expected of people in their respective positions of trust and leadership.” UT Chancellor William McRaven stated that he has recommend the board of regents to not seek further any further actions, but vowed to clear up any issues regarding transparency.

President Bill Powers sat down with the Texas Standard’s David Brown to address the allegations found in the report.

On Why Some Applicants Received Preferential Treatment:

“First thing to note is that none of the other applicants were displaced…these are recommendations from people that have been active at the University and supportive of the University for a long time and it’s important we do some small work to keep those relationships over a long term period of time. I think that is in the long term best interest of the University.”

On Who Received Preferential Treatment: 

“They could be policy makers, they could be people who been very active in being helpful to the University in other ways, including philanthropy…virtually every selective university in the United States has some program to keep connected with people that are helping.”

On Allegations of Being Non-Transparent: 

“Thats one part of the report I personally disagree with…when I was asked those questions during that investigation it was made clear to me thats all they wanted to talk about. This is a narrow investigation.”

On The Report’s Findings:

“The recommendation was not to stop this practice. So I think that was an indication that this was not undue influence…I think that is a vindication of the practice. There was recognition that all of the rules, regents rules, laws etc – we followed all of those.”