Venture To Fredericksburg Where Wine, Spectacular Views And German Hospitality Abound

In the Hill Country town and along Highway 290, there’s options for lovers of wine, beer and nature.

By Jessica SernaMarch 21, 2019 10:11 am,

Historic Fredericksburg is one of the gems of the Hill Country, and it’s a great place to get some shopping done no matter the season. Since it’s a German town, make sure to stop at Der Lindenbaum for authentic German food. Visitors can even walk around Fredericksburg’s shopping district with wine and beer for a sip-and-shop experience.

When it comes to finding a place to stay, Fredericksburg is filled with an abundance of unique bed-and-breakfast establishments – from homey spots in the historic district to charming bungalows in vineyards. There are also rejuvenating “spa” homes, and luxurious, castle-like accommodations with suites overlooking the Hill Country.

Fredericksburg is in Texas wine country, and there’s over 70 vineyards and tasting rooms all along U.S. Highway 290. There are also options for those who prefer beer, including the new Altstadt Brewery that uses methods inspired by the German purity law for beer from 1516. For those who don’t want alcohol, they can take advantage of peach and chocolate tastings found all along the highway.

Near Fredericksburg is Enchanted Rock, a beautiful Texas hiking destination. At the top of the rock, hikers can marvel at splendid views of the rolling Hill Country. For a breathtaking look at the night sky, visitors to Enchanted Rock can participate in a guided “tour” of the stars. It’s all a great way to work off the hearty German food available in town.

Fredericksburg is an enchanting town with exciting options for every traveler and every season. It’s most popular during the weekends, but weekdays offer a more intimate experience with winemakers who can offer more of their expertise during tastings. Weekdays are also a chance to interact with the locals who are more than ready to give visitors a big willkommen!

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