Voices Of Protesters In Texas: ‘We Just Don’t Want To Be Killed Anymore’

By Rachel Osier Lindley & Leah ScarpelliJune 1, 2020 10:44 am, , ,

Sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, thousands of people across Texas over the weekend protested police killings of black Americans. While some violent confrontations broke out between police and demonstrators, the vast majority of Texans participated peacefully. Public radio reporters spoke with protestors in several cities about why they chose to attend.

“We’re just trying to promote the power for black people. … We’re tired of getting killed.”

– Joman Simmons, Austin


Gabriel C. Pérez/KUT

Protesters in Austin on Saturday.

“We’re just tired of continuously having to tell the authorities, white people, whatever it is, that we just don’t want to be killed anymore. … [But] to really have our voice heard, first and foremost, we have to get out and vote.”

– Jinohn Temple, Fort Worth


“If you don’t live this life, you have the privilege and the power not to understand it. … As a black male in today’s society, I have a fear that even being in my own home – will I be shot or killed? And then, when I go out in public, what are people thinking of me? Sometimes my blackness is seen as a weapon.”

– Relious Johnson, Dallas

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