Waco’s Mayborn Museum To Present ‘Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition’

The exhibit, which consists of 150 artifacts from the luxury liner that sank in 1912, opens in June.

By Will BurneyApril 12, 2018 9:30 am,

From KWBU:

Titanic the Artifact Exhibition is coming to Waco on June 2nd and it’s the Mayborn Museum’s first blockbuster exhibit.

With nine galleries and more than 150 artifacts pulled from the ocean floor, the Titanic exhibit is one of the biggest events ever held at Baylor University’s Mayborn Museum. Rebecca Nall says the museum was looking for a great event and this one fit the bill. “Titanic sunk more than 100 years ago but we know that it still holds a fascination for so many people.” she says.


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