Wastewater testing could help control COVID’s spread. Why isn’t it happening across America?

An excerpt from the latest episode of Texas Public Radio’s podcast, “Petrie Dish.”

By Bonnie PetrieApril 21, 2022 12:56 pm, , , ,

COVID-19 testing clinics around the country are closing, and federal funding for free clinical testing is drying up. But wastewater surveillance could step in to play a crucial role in keeping track of where the virus is and just how much is really circulating out there.

Listen to the most recent episode of Texas Public Radio’s podcast, “Petrie Dish,” hosted by bioscience and medicine reporter Bonnie Petrie, about a wastewater treatment plant in Converse, Texas, and to listen to conversations with scientists trying to build a surveillance and sequencing program in South Texas.

You can also listen to an excerpt of the episode in the audio player above.

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