What Texas’ TV insiders are watching over the holidays

If your holiday plans include a bit of extra time on the couch watching a screen, the folks behind the ATX Television Festival have some recommendations.

By Laura RiceNovember 22, 2022 1:43 pm, ,

There are the traditional viewing options of “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” the Thanksgiving Day Parade or the dog show. Others might prefer football – or perhaps fútbol.

The holiday season is traditionally when the heavy-hitters for the Oscars hit the theaters and ATX TV Festival co-founder and co-executive director Caitlin McFarland says, though television is bit more year-round, there are some big things dropping right now – like the new season of “The Crown” and the final season of “Dead to Me.”

“I think people know, you know, that you’re at home. And whether it’s for Christmas or Thanksgiving, you’ve got maybe some time on your hands and things you want to watch with the family,” McFarland says.

So if you’re looking to try something new or to catch up on some television you may have missed, McFarland and ATX Television Festival director of operations Laura Kincaid have a few suggestions.

Listen to the segment in the audio player above or check out the tips below.

“Bad Sisters” (Apple TV+)

“Bad Sisters” – Apple TV+

Kincaid says: “I love. It’s amazing”

“Andor” – Disney+

McFarland says she has been watching this week-to-week and the show is having its finale on Nov. 23.

“So Wednesday, once you’ve gotten in with your family and you want to maybe escape again, you can go into the rec room or something and watch the finale of ‘Andor,’ which is a Star Wars show.”

Mo Amer and Michael Kim in “Mo.” (Netflix)

“Mo” – Netflix

Kincaid says: “I’ve really been enjoying ‘Mo.’”

McFarland adds that it features Houston comedian Mo Amer.

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“Dead to Me” – Netflix

McFarland says: “I’m excited to binge that final season.”

“Tulsa King” – Paramount+

This new show premiered on Sunday, Nov. 13. It stars Sylvester Stallone in his first TV role and is the latest television offering from creator Taylor Sheridan – who wrote “Yellowstone.”

McFarland says: “It’s surprisingly hilarious.”

“The Great British Baking Show” – Netflix

Kincaid says shows like this are her favorite to watch during the holiday season.

“I need shows that I can put on stream for a good chunk of time. Maybe I have to wander out of the room to go check something in the oven or tootle about. And I need to be able to come back in and just be able to hop back in,” she says.

Moosa Mostafa and Jenna Ortega in “Wednesday.” (Netflix)

“Wednesday” – Netflix

Premieres, of course, on a Wednesday – Nov. 23.

“Love, Lizzo” – HBO Max

A documentary premiering Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24.

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“Somebody Feed Phil” – Netflix

McFarland admits this one is a shameless plug. The travel food show features ATX Television Festival advisory board member Phil Rosenthal. Season 6 is now available and one episode features McFarland and her ATX Television Festival co-founder and co-executive director Emily Gipson eating food with Phil in Austin.

Phil Rosenthal and Emily Gipson in “Somebody Feed Phil.” (Netflix)

“And it’s a great one of these shows to have on and wander in and out and drool over the food, whether it’s in Austin or Nashville or Croatia, all the places he goes,” McFarland says.

“Ghosts” – BBC/HBO Max or CBS/Paramount+

Kincaid says this is her permanent plug because she absolutely loves this show – both the original from the BBC and the CBS remake.

“They’re both great,” Kincaid says. “But I just want to make a big plug for the BBC version of ‘Ghosts’ because they have Christmas episodes that just get you right in the heart.”

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