What The Biden Infrastructure Plan Could Mean For Texas

The $2 trillion proposal could fund the Ike Dike and beef up broadband access. Some Republicans say it could hurt Texas’ oil and gas industry, too.

By Jill Ament & Shelly BrisbinApril 5, 2021 6:50 am,

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan comes with a $2 trillion price tag. And some of that money will certain come to Texas if the proposal becomes law. There’s funding for transportation infrastructure, improvements to broadband access and support for retrofitting homes and businesses for energy efficiency, and clean energy initiatives. But how much money could be headed to the Lone Star State, and which kinds of projects are Texans likely to embrace?

Ben Wermund is a Washington correspondent for the Houston Chronicle. He told Texas Standard that specific projects are not yet part of the plan, but that Texas could see assistance that would address this winter’s power outages, as well as provide defense against future hurricanes and other severe storms.

The plan could bolster the planned Ike Dike, a barrier that’s intended to keep storm waters at bay along the Gulf Coast.

Some Texas Republicans oppose the plan because of the administration’s emphasis on clean energy. Opponents say such a push would be harmful to the Texas energy industry.

The Biden plan relies on an increase in the corporate tax rate to fund some of the planned spending, and that’s also not popular among Republicans. Texas Congressman Kevin Brady of The Woodlands says now is not the time to raise the corporate tax rate, with the economy still getting back on its feet after the pandemic.

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