What’s It Like to Play Pokémon Go in Rural Texas?

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By Becky FogelJuly 20, 2016 12:46 pm

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What’s it like to play Pokémon Go in rural areas, when your nearest neighbor is acres and acres away? Leif Johnson wrote about trying to catch ‘em all in sparsely populated Texas for Vice’s technology website, Motherboard. He told the Standard that you might need to hike through the brush to find any Pokémon in the wilderness. And while that might not seem worth it to some, it will also give you a chance to explore nature and see some real creatures, like armadillos and hawks.

Then: Jim Grobe doesn’t plan on making many changes to how Baylor University plays football. And the school’s new interim coach doesn’t think there’s much wrong with the culture either, from what he’s seen since taking over. Grobe spoke to reporters during a Big 12 press conference on Tuesday.

“We talk so much about a change in the culture,” he said. “That’s not the deal with the players at Baylor, the majority of our kids are great kids, great kids.” Grobe took over for Art Briles after an independent report found that school officials systematically mishandled reports of sexual assault and rape. The former Wake Forest coach added that all schools across the country are dealing with the same issues as Baylor.

And: When it comes to the Big 12 championship, San Antonio is hoping to make a run at hosting it. The San Antonio Express-News reports that city officials want to bid to hold the 2017 championships at the Alamodome.