What’s the Best Whataburger You Ever Had?

More often than not, it’s one question no two Texans can agree on.

By W.F. StrongFebruary 25, 2015 7:34 am

It’s also a question some of W.F. Strong’s friends like to ask.

Admittedly, it’s not a hotly debated topic in Texas – but it isn’t an uncommon point of discussion either.

For Strong, the best Whataburger he’s had is inseparable from the time he most wanted one. After taking a job in Africa – and losing about 25 pounds in the process –  a friend in Texas sent him a poster of a Whataburger, “hot cheese, onions and mustard cascading seductively down the sides.”

It had him Whataburger dreamin’ for months.

Today, there are 735 Whataburgers across the southern U.S. and northern Mexico – proving that everything is bigger and better in Texas.

W. F. Strong is a Fulbright Scholar and professor of Culture and Communication at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. And at Public Radio 88 FM in Harlingen, Texas, he’s the resident expert on Texas literature and legends, Blue Bell Ice Cream, mesquite smoked brisket and Whataburger (with cheese, naturally).

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