What’s The Difference Between Ranch-To-Market And Farm-To-Market Roads?

“On the western side of the state – for the most part west of I-35 – there are more ranchers. And the ranchers said, ‘Wait a minute. Shouldn’t this be a ranch-to-market road system?'”

By Jimmy MaasMay 4, 2018 8:03 am, , ,

From KUT:

Farm-to-market and ranch-to-market roads have helped rural Texans get around since the 1940s. But what happens when these roads become completely surrounded by the city, with fewer ranches and farms on route? The seemingly odd road names caught one listener’s curiosity.

“I moved [to Austin] after college,” Jonathan Robison said, “and as I was driving down I-35 … with all my stuff, there were all these signs for ‘FM’ and ‘RM,’ ‘ranch-to-market” or ‘farm-to-market.’ And I said, ‘OK, that’s an interesting way to name roads.'”

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