When A Young Girl Lost Her Teddy Bear To Harvey, Kind Neighbors Stepped In

Abby Martinka  and her family offered more than rescue.

By Michael MarksSeptember 14, 2017 11:11 am, ,

When flood water started rushing into Koontze, Texas two weeks ago, 15-year old Abby Martinka and her family used their boat to help people evacuate their flooded homes. One little girl Martinka and her family helped was crying when she got off the boat. Apparently, she left her teddy bear behind as she rushed to escape her flooded home.

“She said she left her doll. And that just hit me, like, cause I remember being a little kid. I had a little bear; I called it Beary. And if I ever would have lost that, it would have been really hard on me,” Martinka says.

Martinka says her family bought the girl new toys that afternoon. “She was smiling again, so that made me feel better.”


Written by Kate Groetzinger.