Which of These State Fair Headlines is False?

Our weekly installment of Two Texas Truths and a Lie.

By Becky FogelSeptember 30, 2016 10:00 am,

In Two Texas Truths and a Lie, three stories are given to two contestants to compete to see who can figure out the fake one.

The State Fair of Texas kicks off in Dallas today – so with us are two people who we hope are planning to fill their faces with fried food: Rick Holter, vice president of news at KERA, and Rachel Osier Lindley, statewide coordinating editor based in Dallas.

1. Swifties (Taylor Swift fans) will have a reason to rejoice at the State Fair. The Taylor Swift Experience exhibit – that started at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles – will be on display here in Dallas. It includes “artifacts” created by the country star-turned-pop phenom herself.

2. Maybe your mouth has already watered imagining sinking your teeth into fried Jell-O or cookie fries. But for the adventurous eaters among us make sure to leave room for armadillo nuggets and fried snake sticks. Those are some of the rare fried meat offerings you can pick up at the fairgrounds instead of, or in addition to, your usual Fletcher’s corny dogs.

3. Time travel is kind of possible at this year’s State Fair. You can visit one of the highlights of the Renaissance – Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. The photographic true-to-size copy of the masterpiece is being exhibited in the U.S. for the first time ever.

Which one is the lie? Listen in the player above to find out!