Why are Sports Leagues Losing Viewers?

There’s dispute over why fewer people are watching pro sports, but leagues and networks are planning ways to get their audiences back.

February 28, 2017 3:10 pm

NFL viewership was down significantly throughout this past season and the trend is the same for the NBA and even NASCAR. Some point to the white-hot election season stealing attention from viewers and others blame social media habits. Daren Roberts, the founding director of UT Austin’s Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation, says that television networks and professional sports organizations are searching for ways to boost viewership.

“This past year, the NFL lost 1 in 10 viewers and the NBA lost 1 in 6,” Roberts says. “People were really surprised with the NFL losing viewers because it has been the juggernaut in the bloc of sports viewership.”

What you’ll hear in this segment
– What is drawing people away from watching sports
– The rule changes that professional sports organizations may implement
– How major networks plan to increase viewership

Written by Emma Whalen.