Why Do We Love to Watch Cat Videos?

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By Becky Fogel August 24, 2016 11:15 am

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If you like cat videos – or ever use the internet – you may be familiar with the everyday ennui of Henri, le Chat Noir or the keyboard virtuoso Fatso The Cat. Whatever your entry point into the digital feline universe, cat videos have racked up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. 

They’re so popular that an Internet Cat Video Festival was launched at the Walker Museum in Minneapolis, back in 2012. Much like cat videos themselves, the festival took on a life of its own – even spreading to Texas. Hady Mawajdeh with KERA News took a look at why cat videos make us happy, the history of the festival, and how North Texans are putting their own spin on a feline film fest. Bart Weiss, president of the Video Association of Dallas, told Mawajdeh about some of the videos premiering tonight:

“There are ones that are very well produced and ones that are…shall we say observational, because we all observe our cats and our cats are very special to us,” he says.

If cats, and well, cat videos are special to you, you can hear the entire story at KERA Art&Seek.

More Houston-area Olympians are returning to their hometowns today after competing in Rio. Houston Public Media’s Eddie Robinson told us who’s back in town.

“Medalist Sarah Robles who moved to League City to train for Rio, took the bronze in the women’s over 75 kilogram weightlifting competition,” he says. “American gymnast Chris Brooks of Houston also arrived at Bush Intercontinental Airport this morning – he finished 14th in the individual men’s all around competition.”

Team USA gold medalist and Olympic standout Simone Biles will arrive in Houston Wednesday afternoon. 

“The 19-year-old resident of Spring earned four Olympic gold medals and a bronze medal in gymnastics. Six other Team USA Olympians from the Houston area returned home yesterday,” he says. “Sugar Land native Simone Manuel arrived last week, after picking up two gold and two silver medals in swimming.”

Of course, Simone Biles had to make a pitstop to appear on the Tonight Show last night before heading home to Houston. A game of “Hungry, Hungry Humans,” anyone?

The San Antonio Express-News reports there’s a new all-woman band bubbling up: Topa Chica. The female five-piece plays the Bang Bang Bar tonight. Hector Saldana describes hearing the San Antonio indie rock band for the first time like this:

It’s sort of like hearing about the Ramones for the first time — a catchy, kooky name, like-minded musicians, simple songs and super-short sets,” he says.