Why Mike Pence’s Recent Speech Signals A Shift In U.S.-China Relations

The Wall Street Journal called it a “40-minute broadside” against China, while other critics said it amounted to a declaration of Cold War.

By Rhonda FanningOctober 16, 2018 11:43 am,

Earlier this month, with all eyes on the Kavanaugh confirmation, Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech at the Hudson Institute on the United State’s relationship with China. Those who happened to be paying attention couldn’t help but notice this was no ordinary speech. In fact, it was, as the Wall Street Journal noted, a 40-minute broadside against China. Other commentators suggested it amounted to a declaration of Cold War. After four decades of policy aimed at at what’s been labeled “constructive engagement,” are we doing it?

David Firesteina long-time career diplomat specializing in U.S.-Chinese relations and executive director of the China Public Policy Center at the University of Texas at Austin, is following this story.

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– How officials in Beijing responded to Vice President Pence’s speech

– What Pence’s goal was in giving the speech 

– What the future of U.S.-China relations looks like 


Written by Alvaro Céspedes.