Why You May Have Been Overbilled for Driving on Toll Roads

Some Toll Tag holders received incorrect bills due to a glitch in TxDOT’s systems.

By Alexandra HartJuly 31, 2017 2:35 pm,

As the Texas population explodes, so too does the need for roads to move all those people around. And rather than, say, impose an income tax, Texas has turned to toll roads to help pay for new highways.

But some Toll Tag customers may have found an unwelcome surprise in their mailbox over the past few months – pay by mail bills sent to accounts in good standing. A glitch in the Texas Department of Transportation’s toll billing system caused invoices to be improperly mailed out to people who shouldn’t have received them. It became such an issue, that TxDOT announced recently that it would suspend pay-by-mail invoicing until it got the situation sorted out.

“People that have the toll tags, naturally, are a little upset and puzzled when they get bills. That’s been happening since some time in June,” says Ben Wear, transportation reporter for the Austin American-Statesman.

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– What caused the glitch that resulted in incorrect billing

– Why TxDOT was trying to change the toll tag system

– How big the problem is