Wide Skies Remind this Native Texan of Home

To her, Texas means open skies, radio singalongs and thrift stores.

By Hannah McBrideNovember 3, 2016 10:51 am,

Samantha Kattan may live in New York, but Texas is always in her heart. A native Austinite, Kattan says she returns to the Lone Star state once or twice a year.

“I always look forward to thrift shopping at a couple of fruitful thrift stores that I’ve been going to since middle school,” Kattan says. “Thrift stores in New York just aren’t as good as thrift stores in Texas.”

One of the things she misses most about living in Texas is driving. “I think I’m my most myself when I’m driving and listening to the radio and kind of singing along,” Kattan says.

Even though she lives in Brooklyn, she gets reminders of her home state.

“Anytime I’m on a roof or a high place and I can see a lot of the sky, I’m reminded of Texas,” Kattan says.