Will UT’s New President Be Able to Work With Wallace Hall?

The rogue regent still has some “lingering, unresolved questions.”

By Rhonda FanningApril 21, 2015 8:48 am

The relationship between the University of Texas Board of Regents and the leadership of its flagship university has been famously strained of late. But with the selection of a new leader for UT-Austin, many hoped for a new relationship to take hold.

But maybe not so much.

Regent Wallace Hall has been admonished for sweeping open records requests some legislators decried as a “witch hunt” to oust UT-Austin President Bill Powers. This week, Hall requested an opinion from new Attorney General Ken Paxton asking for access to private student data.

He’s seeking information related to The Kroll report, which found some 73 students were admitted to the university despite arguably not maintaining the grades or testing scores to warrant entrance.

Matthew Watkins is a reporter for the Texas Tribune. He joins the Texas Standard today to discuss what this all means for the regents and the leadership moving forward.