A new startup launches almost every day Texas – especially in Austin and Dallas, where the tech industry is strong. But startups open just as often as they close. With so much fluidity, economists struggle to put a number on the impact startups have on the economy and how the community is doing overall. New numbers, taken from an independent economic impact study by Axianomics, look at how startups performed from 2013 to 2015.

Trey Bowels from the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, which assists startups, says the survey found that startups created 1,000 jobs and generated nearly $100 million in revenue.

“(Axianomics) came back and said the annual impact for the Dallas Entrepreneur Center alone is $130 million a year to Dallas-Fort Worth,” Bowels says.

That shows that the startup scene is strong in the area, he says.

“What it really means is that these companies are working,” Bowles says, “that we’re not just a cute startup spot. We’re actually a formidable economic driver.”

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