Where can I hear broadcasts of Texas Standard?

A list of stations broadcasting Texas Standard along with their broadcast times is on our LISTEN page. Typically, each day’s broadcast and selected individual stories are also posted for streaming or download on Texas Standard.org before noon. You can also listen to Texas Standard on iTunes or via another podcast player of your choice. Just search for Texas Standard.

How can I submit a comment or story suggestion to Texas Standard?

Story suggestions can be emailed to TexasStandard@kut.org. You can also reach us on Twitter or leave us a message on Facebook.

Is Texas Standard a live broadcast?

The program originates live at 10 a.m. from the Texas Standard Studio in the KUT Public Media Center at the University of Texas at Austin. Certain segments of the program are pre-recorded due to the availability of the interviewees or other production constraints. In communities where the program is broadcast at a later time, the program was recorded live at 10 a.m. and then played back on a delayed basis.

How can my business become a sponsor (underwriter) on Texas Standard?

If you’d like to be a statewide sponsor on Texas Standard, email underwriting@kut.org or call (512) 471-8222. If you’d like to be a local sponsor of Texas Standard, contact the station serving your community. You’ll find links to individual station websites on our LISTEN page.

I hear my local station’s reporters on the Texas Standard – how is that possible if the program originates in Austin? Is there a tear in the space-time continuum?

No. Only a gravitational collapse can give rise to singularities in the fabric of space-time. However, Texas Standard is a co-production of KUT in Austin, KERA in Dallas-Fort Worth, KUHF in Houston and KSTX in San Antonio. All four stations regularly contribute stories, interviews and segments to the broadcast. Those pieces may also air in other news programming at the originating station. Additionally, staff from other public radio stations across the state also contribute segments, interviews and information.

My local station doesn’t broadcast Texas Standard. What can I do?

Please let the program director at your station know that you are interested in having the program broadcast locally. Until your local station finds the right time to broadcast Texas Standard, you can listen to the archive version of the program posted each weekday afternoon at TexasStandard.org.

I love the music on Texas Standard. I can’t find the theme on iTunes and SoundHound doesn’t recognize it.

The Texas Standard theme was written and recorded by Soundnoodle in Austin. We also play lots of great songs as “bumper” music throughout the show. You can find a Spotify playlist of the music in each show on the Texas Standard website as well.