David Brown first scrawled “GTT” across his bedroom door in suburban Atlanta sometime in the late ‘70’s, during a multi-year jag involving frozen enchiladas, ZZ Top’s “Tres Hombres,” and several sets of burned out headphones. Despite demands from his father to find a ‘real job’, Brown stumbled into radio journalism thanks to a love of storytelling, an obsession with news, and a desire to keep his hair long and play in rock bands.

Brown is, in fact, an inveterate political junkie with a passion for pop culture and the romance of radio. He has reported from posts in Washington, London, Los Angeles, and Boston for Monitor Radio and for NPR, and has anchored in-depth public radio documentaries from India, Brazil, and points across the United States. But he is, perhaps, known most widely for his work as host of public radio’s Marketplace. Fulfilling a lifelong dream of moving to Texas full-time in 2005, Brown joined the staff of KUT, launching the award-winning cultural journalism unit “Texas Music Matters.”

David Brown