Why the Dallas Cowboys Have a $4 Billion Valuation

The team is at the top of the NFL’s financial ledger.

By Hady MawajdehSeptember 15, 2015 7:51 am, ,

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones has had a pretty great start to his week.

On Sunday, the Boys pulled off a last-minute touchdown drive to defeat divisional rival the New York Giants and yesterday, Forbes Magazine valued the team at $4 billion.

This makes the Dallas Cowboys the most valuable sports franchise in the world. Not bad for a team that hasn’t been to the Super Bowl in 20 years.

Joining the Standard to discuss this recent valuation, as well as to talk a bit about some of Jerry Jones’s business strategies, is the Fort Worth Star Telegram’s Cowboys beat writer, Drew Davison.

“The Cowboys marketed themselves well enough where they’ve become not only a national brand, but a worldwide brand,” he says.

According to Davison, Jerry Jones paid $140 million for the team and the old Texas stadium in the late 80’s.

“At the time, he paid what seemed to be a premium, but of course, the return-on-investment has gone pretty well for him,” Davison says.