5 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Job Interview

Above all, don’t look down at your cellphone while waiting for the interview to start.

By Alexandra HartJanuary 30, 2017 2:47 pm

President Donald Trump has vowed to bring back jobs, particularly in the manufacturing sector. If that plays out, thousands of Americans will need to prepare for job interviews.

Leo Cardenas, a Dallas-based body language expert, says that body language is a big part of our communication.

“I think during an interview it all comes down to trust. If I cannot trust you … I’m more than likely not to hire you,” Cardenas says. “Or I’m not going to be hired if I cannot make a good first impression on my potential employer.”

Here are Cardenas’ top five body language mistakes to avoid in a job interview:

5. Revealing your nerves through self-soothing gestures

“Definitely make sure that you keep both feet planted and grab your hands, but do not be wringing or soothing your hands when you’re interviewing.”

4. Looking down at your phone while you wait for the interview

“It actually creates a bigger level of anxiety in you. Your body itself is not ready to be answering questions.”

3. Not mirroring the interviewer’s actions

“If the interview is going well, we want to mirror what the boss is doing or the potential employer is doing just to show that we’re connected with them.”

2. Avoiding eye contact

“You don’t want to do too much eye contact, but you definitely want to have anywhere between 60 to 70 percent eye contact through the interview to show that you’re respectful and to show that you can build trust.”

1. Having a “limp fish” type of handshake

“When we shake hands with somebody, it better be a firm handshake because I will make a lot of interpretations about you just based on the kind of handshake that you’re giving me.”

Written by Molly Smith.