$90,000 Worth of Booze Found in Bastrop After September Suds Heist

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By Alexandra HartOctober 21, 2016 11:37 am

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A booze heist cost Austin-based Capital Distributing Company over $90,000 worth of alcohol in September. Now, that beer has been recovered, along with cash, firearms and a marijuana plant in Bastrop County.

Austin Police started investigating the stolen suds back in September, with the help of state and federal authorities. APD Sergeant Maurice Forshee told KXAN news he had never seen so much booze being stolen – 719 six-packs were recovered.  

The thieves’ beer of choice? Dos Equis.

Yesterday in Dallas, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick delivered a preview of the upcoming legislative session. At a luncheon sponsored by the Dallas Regional Chamber, he brought up border security, immigration, and education.

“When so many children are in a public school system that fails them – it’s not up to the child to meet the needs of adults in the school system, it’s up to those of us who are adults in the school system to meet their needs,” he said. 

Patrick said he’ll make school choice a top priority during the next legislative session, which begins January 10.

Another topic of conversation: Donald Trump. Patrick, who is the Trump campaign’s Texas chair, addressed Trump’s controversial comments during Wednesday’s debate.

“I think what he was saying was if we have another Florida where it’s close and it comes down to one state,  and this election could come down to one state, and there’s any thought of voter fraud – and we’re seeing a lot of voter fraud everywhere now – that I’m going to look at that and I’m going to have it investigated and make sure that election is fair,” he said. 

Patrick added he thought Trump was just “misunderstood.”

When State Rep. Dawnna Dukes announced her plans to retire last month, she said it was over health concerns.But records show that days before her announcement, her campaign paid over $500 in travel expenses for legal counsel, the Austin-American Statesman reports.

The Democratic lawmaker has been under investigation for allegedly misusing office funds and staff. The probe began in early 2016 when staffers raised questions about Dukes asking them to run personal errands.