Oyster Harvesting Suspended Until Further Notice After Houston Ship Chemical Spill

A ship collision Friday caused a gasoline additive to spill into the ship channel.

By Davis LandMay 13, 2019 9:30 am, , ,

From Houston Public Media:

So far, a gasoline additive spill in the Houston Ship Channel isn’t a major health concern. But officials are still suspending oyster harvesting downstream until further notice.

The Coast Guard and National Transpiration Safety Board still aren’t sure what caused a tanker to crash into a tug boat pushing two barges last Friday.
One barge capsized, and cleanup crews will have to cut through the steel bottom of the ship to pump out the remaining product. Officials say so far two seagulls, one raccoon, and some fish” are believed to have died due to the spill. Residents in the area have complained of a gasoline odor.

At a press conference, Jim Guidry of the barge company says 24-hour air quality monitoring is ongoing.

“We’ve not seen any levels that cause us concern for people’s health,” Guidry said.

Fisherman are also being encouraged not to eat fish caught in certain parts of the Galveston Bay.