A Fort Worth School Focusing on Immigrant Children

The 500-student International Newcomer Academy targets children that have only been in the United states for under two years.

By Stella M. ChávezMarch 12, 2015 10:36 pm

The International Newcomer Academy is not like most other schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

That’s because none of its students have been in the United States for more than two years. The Academy is part of a national initiative to give the children of immigrants the specialized education and specialized attention that they need.

Amanda Bradley is the dean of instruction for Fort Worth’s International Newcomer Academy

“We understand that they’re coming from war-torn countries and that they have a story that they want to tell,” Bradley says.

“We try and make sure that we really recognize their culture, that they’re adding something to our school and not just that they’re becoming an American, but they’re bringing something with them.”

In Texas, one in three children has a parent who’s an immigrant – or they’re immigrants themselves. They have to learn a new language, adapt to a different culture and try to fit into a community that may not embrace newcomers.

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