A Gift For Children They’ll Never Outgrow

Sparkle Stories’ David Sewell McCann shares some tips on birthday storytelling.

By David Brown and Wells Dunbar February 17, 2015 12:35 pm

What’s the best gift for a kid’s birthday? How about offering something that will really stick with them: a story about their family history.

Need a little help? David Sewell McCann knows a thing or two about talking to kids. His “Sparkle Stories” podcast offers original children’s stories each week – including stories that can put confusing or frightening events into context.

“There’s a lot to tell – there’s so much story. There’s the [birthday] – there’s certainly the day. But there’s also what proceeded the day. There’s how his mother and father met – their story. How the grandparents met. And you can go back and back and back.”

Listen to the full interview in the audio player above.