A Handheld Device Could Prevent Deadly Foodborne Illnesses

This technology quickly identifies whether dangerous pathogens are present in food.

By Hady Mawajdeh & Leah ScarpelliFebruary 22, 2016 11:19 am,

Nothing frightens consumers faster than headlines about deadly bacteria outbreaks in food.

Don’t worry, there isn’t another Jack in the Box, Chipotle or Blue Bell story to share today – and the industry itself ought to be happy too, since the cost of recovering from listeria or E. coli outbreaks can be devastating.

Unless you’re in a special niche of the industry, which senses an opportunity.

Ben Pasca is the chief business officer of Invisible Sentinel, which claims to be taking the clumsy work of food safety and reducing it to something hand-held or smaller.  The company has developed technology that provides a visual indicator, like a flashing light, when pathogens are present in food.

“It actually tells you what type of pathogen would be actually be contaminated in that, let’s say, ice cream,” Pascal says.

What you’ll hear in this interview:

– How the testing technology works
– Why it improves on conventional testing methods
– What it means for the food industry