A Heartbreaking Account of the Wimberley Flood

“The river’s in our backyard…”

By Matthew OdamMay 28, 2015 10:35 am

Matthew Odam, a restaurant critic for the Austin American-Statesman, was at his parents’ home in Wimberley, just off of River Road, when the flooding started. He joined the Texas Standard to tell his story of that harrowing night, and the following morning.

He also wrote his account for the American-Statesman. The following is an excerpt:

The power was out. Everything was pitch black as I stepped onto the back patio to try and comprehend what was happening.

Snap, crack, pop. The raging Blanco River bent mighty cypress and oak trees to its will.

“The river’s in our backyard,” my mom said, as I tried to discern the silhouettes of trees hurtling down the river.

Sticking flashlights into the abyss, I made out the edge of the Blanco River, maybe 15 feet away and inching towards us.

I watched another tree fly by. My mom said she had seen a car going down the river, lights on, hissing propane tanks bobbed along at rapid speeds.

The river reached the patio steps.

We scrambled to gather my excited and alarmed young nephews and a few essentials. My mom grabbed family valuables; I found my glasses. We all got our dogs. Voices turned frantic.

I stepped into the front yard to throw things into the car and saw blinking flashlights coming from our neighbors’ house. Then I heard pleas for help that I will never forget.

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