A Kid Talks About Treasure Hunting in Texas

The Standard continues its series on the history of Texas through a child’s eyes. Listen here:

By Hayley HowleApril 16, 2015 8:51 am

In November 1835, a two-masted schooner called the Hannah Elizabeth was running from New Orleans to Matagorda to deliver supplies to a newly formed Texan Army near the area. The ship was spotted by a Mexican ship, the General Bravo, and gave chase.

The Hannah Elizabeth crew attempted make it safely to Pass Cavallo, but ultimately became stranded on a sandbar and began dumping the contraband overboard. General Bravo crew members boarded the ship and captured as many crew members as possible, but severe weather caused them to retreat.

In 2001, the Texas Historical Commission discovered the wreckage and found remains of muskets, cannonballs, and other military items believed to have belong to the Hannah Elizabeth.

Luke tells us about finding treasure maps in Texas beach houses – and the treasures he found along a Texas beach.