A Lucky Encounter Brought One Pair Of Chicago Boots Home To Texas

The boots with Texas longhorns on them were destined for dance halls in the Lone Star State.

By Joy DiazMarch 15, 2018 7:15 am, ,

Kathi Thomas first spotted her boots on a trip to Chicago with her husband. While sightseeing around the city, she found something that would stay with her forever.

“I walked in and I saw these boots with Texas longhorns on them in a Macy’s store in Chicago and I thought ‘That’s just wrong. You need to come home with me,’” she says.

She and her husband were newlyweds at the time, and the boots have seen them through everything that’s happened since.

“We adopted our daughter from Guatemala, and Lettie has seen me in these since she was a little bitty baby,” Thomas says. “I’ve got pictures of us going out places wearing those boots with Lettie.”

For Thomas, wearing her boots is truly a walk down memory lane.

“When I think of all the things these boots have been through with me,” she says, “I can really go back and think about, oh that florist convention, and this dance down at the Broken Spoke, or out at Mercer Street Hall in Dripping. All of these places that I’ve gone and been with these boots and it just brings back great memories. I think when they do finally fall apart I probably will put flowers in them and put them up on my mantle. Because I cannot get rid of these boots.”

Written by Jen Rice.