‘A Nation Engaged’ Recap: What is Texas’ Place in the World?

The presidential campaign of 2016 has opened up some deeper discussions and divisions about global affairs, from fighting terrorism to trading with Asia.

By Laura Rice & Rhonda FanningSeptember 2, 2016 11:02 am, , , ,

All this week, NPR and member stations across the country examined the issues and decisions facing the next administration in their series “A Nation Engaged.” It’s a conversation particularly relevant to Texas, with the state’s leading role in international trade, numerous military bases, and diverse cities that draw new residents from across the globe. Here are some of the voices from this week’s discussion around the state:

Houston’s Place in America and the World – Houston Public Media, Houston Matters

What is Houston’s place in the world?

It’s an important question for a community that is home to one of America’s top exporting ports, a large expat population, industries with strong international ties and a diverse community with friends and family all over the world. This story explored greater Houston’s role on the global stage with the help of members of two Houston-based, internationally focused organizations: the World Affairs Council of Greater Houston, and Refugee Services of Texas.

America’s Role in the World – KERA, THINK

In this show, KERA talks about the election and how the next president will affect America’s role in the world. Guests are writer Ben Fountain, who’s been reporting on the election for The Guardian and Jeffrey Engel, who directs the Center for Presidential History at SMU.

Is It Time To Rethink NATO? – Texas Public Radio, The Source

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was born out of the debris of World War II and into the Cold War. The alliance of the United States, Canada, Europe and others have helped bring peace and stability to the world and keep the Soviet Union – now Russia– in check, to a degree.

But now there are questions about the need for NATO and America’s commitment to come to our European allies defense if  attacked by Putin’s Russia.