A San Antonio Bridge Once Carried Beer, Now It Carries People

“It does have a delicate look. The steel members are very thin. And it was just a beautifully designed original bridge when it was done.”

By Jack MorganJune 19, 2019 9:30 am, , ,

From Texas Public Radio:

When the Museum Reach stretch of the San Antonio River was revitalized and opened to the public in May 2009, it turned the littered, scrub-choked waterway into a one-of-a-kind linear park. A decade later, one of the Reach’s most interesting aspects still has a hidden mystery.

That mystery is a walk bridge that spans the San Antonio River at the end of Roy Smith Street. To understand why it’s there, you have to go to what is now the San Antonio Museum of Art. SAMA’s Katie Luber said the art museum was originally the Lone Star Brewery from 1884 until 1920, when prohibition shut down beer production.

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