A ‘Texas emissary’ in Amsterdam is sharing her story through chick tracts

“I think a lot of people have some misconceptions and stereotypes about what Texas is and what it means to be a Texan.”

By Laura RiceDecember 9, 2021 7:26 am, ,

Artist and illustrator Rachelle Meyer was born in Austin. But the fifth-generation Texan married a Brit and is now living in Amsterdam. It’s been four years since she’s been back to Texas.

In an effort to battle some homesickness and share her Texas experiences with the world, she created her own set of chick tracts called “Texas Tracts.”

An illustrations ahowing a Catholic church and surroundings. "Catholic mass in Texas in infused with its own special quality, as unique as smoked mesquite."

“I do a lot of drawing and, in fact, last year I was hired to work on someone else’s autobiographical comic. And I think that’s what really prodded me to start thinking about my own stories and to think about what I would have to say.”

cover of the book, "Texas Tracts," with several ilustrations of people.

“I have actually been toting this one little chick tract around with me for ages and, I mean, I think I must have had it for more than 30 years or something. It’s really worn out at the edges… they’re little evangelical strips, and they often use a lot of this kind of hellfire and brimstone… And I thought it was a really perfect format for me, also telling a story about my experiences with religion and my relationship to religion, though I don’t think it’s as extreme as a lot of other chick tract parodies.”

“I love this kind of small, mini comic format because it’s intimate. I feel like it’s easily digestible and approachable. You know, you’re not in for like a big hunker down to invest several hours of your time. I feel like they’re like just lovely little flashes where you can dip into another reality.”

“I do hope people hold them with more care than like a chick tract that you find on a park bench or something like that.”

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