Abbott Responds To Obama’s Voting Rights Dig, While Cornyn Keeps Cruz Hanging On

This week in Texas politics with the managing editor of the Texas Tribune.  

By Rhonda FanningMarch 18, 2016 4:51 pm,

Time for the week that was in Texas politics with Ayan Mittra, managing editor of the Texas Tribune.

Obama, in his speech at South by Southwest last Friday, said “The folks who are governing the good state of Texas aren’t interested in having more people participate.” Gov. Abbott was quick to respond, saying we needs to address voting fraud issues before expanding online voter registration that Obama mentioned.

“The governor referred to rampant voter fraud that he’s addressed first as AG, now as governor,” he says. “It’s an issue of how you define rampant… We have not seen a widespread, out of control areas of voter fraud, but there have been cases.”

Sen. Ted Cruz looks to have a long road ahead of him to the convention – though he did get a few more endorsements from Texas lawmakers who had initially endorsed Rubio. But why no endorsement from Texas’s other senator, Sen. John Cornyn?

“I think Sen. Cornyn has just opted to stay out of it,” he says. “Cruz is getting some more support from the anti-Trump faction, so that’s starting to coalesce.”

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